Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Finding Value in Cloud Computing – Part 4: Resource Leverage

People and organizations have formed alliances and partnerships with others for centuries. The strengths and advantages of each member in the value chain facilitate creating and delivering products and services to customers at competitive prices.

The Cloud Computing paradigm provides another platform for establishing alliances and partnerships and building value chains. Its service-orientation makes it flexible to changing demands and new opportunities. Membership within the value chain can change quickly to incorporate new members and leverage their strengths and advantages.

Organizations can use the Cloud computing paradigm to build and evolve value chains in which they focus on enabling and automating their ‘Core’ and ‘Differentiating’ business capabilities and processes. These organizations invite partners to participate in those functions where the partners bring strengths. The partner organizations deliver, what is for them, ‘Core’ and ‘Differentiating’.

This allows each organization to more sharply focus its professional and technical resources on creating and delivering products and services, serving customers, and generating revenue.

__ Joseph Starwood ( www.linkedin.com/in/JosephStarwood )

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